We Know How to Fix Deadly Streets

National Study Shows Pedestrian Crashes are Predictable & Preventable If we knew a certain model of airplane failed catastrophically and consistently, killing everyone on board – say, an average of 100-to-115 people dead every day, year after year – would we ignore the problem and chalk it up to an unfortunate risk of flying? If […]

Changing Deadly Streets: Learn the Facts in Prioritizing Safety for People Walking

Thursday, August 12, 2021 @ Noon – 1 pm PT / 3 pm – 4 pm ET

People are dying and suffering severe injuries at record numbers every day in our communities – simply while trying to walk somewhere. We can predict, to a surprising extent, who and where and why. And we can prevent their deaths and injuries, largely by changing the designs of streets, the speeds we encourage people to drive at, and other feasible design and policy decisions. The tragic reality that 42,060 people died last year in crashes and millions more injured should not surprise anyone, because we are getting the results that we have designed for. But that can change.

Join us to hear key findings from a study that identified the top fatal pedestrian crash “hot spots” in the U.S.


Promising Practices to Manage Speed in Cities for Pedestrian Safety

One thing is clear: To make meaningful advances toward Vision Zero and safe mobility for all, we must manage speed for safety. We know a lot already about what works, and we’re learning more as Vision Zero commitment grows worldwide. Now, it’s a matter of political will, community advocacy, and using the strategies that work […]


Linking Transportation & Health Systems: Pioneering Collaborative is Model for Vision Zero

Access to comprehensive and accurate data is critical to Vision Zero success. Addressing the public health crisis of nearly 40,000 preventable traffic fatalities annually in this country requires a comprehensive understanding of the who, what, where, when and why of this tragic toll. While data collected from police reports helps answer some questions, it doesn’t […]