Core efforts will focus initially on leading-edge cities demonstrating commitment and potential to advance Vision Zero. The Network will bring together local leaders in health, traffic engineering, police enforcement, policy and advocacy to develop and share winning strategies and to support strong, distributed leadership for policies and practices that make Vision Zero a reality.

As these cities are able to share their learnings, the Network will operate as a clearing house of Best Practices for all communities looking to advance Vision Zero. The Network will invest significant energy toward identifying, documenting and sharing the winning strategies developed by the participating cities. By creating new resources, particularly online, and forums for sharing, the goals of Vision Zero will gain greater momentum and reach a far greater audience.

While rural and suburban communities will not be the initial focus of the Vision Zero Network’s efforts, they too can benefit from the learnings and Best Practices that will be generated and shared from the cities. While not all strategies ill be transferable from an urban environment, there are likely to be some approaches that are helpful in diverse environments, including rural and suburban.

We believe the greatest impact can be made initially by focusing on the cities that are populous and primed for advancing Vision Zero. Their examples can serve as models for communities around the nation. In addition, as we expect an increasing number of people moving to cities, it is critical to prioritize how our urban transportation systems function safely.

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