The Vision Zero Network is grateful for the support of organizations investing in our work to advance safe mobility for all

Vision Zero starts today

With the generous support of foundations and companies who believe in the goal of zero traffic deaths and severe injuries among all road users, the Vision Zero Network is able to work with more communities to advance new policies and practices to prioritize safety. This support allows us to grow our collaborations with government staff and policymakers, community leaders, and private sector leaders, by sharing innovative approaches to reimagine and redesign our transportation systems to prioritize safety.

Thank You to Vision Zero Network Supporters!

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Why Support the Vision Zero Network?

The Vision Zero Network is proud to be making an impact on safety around the country by helping communities across the nation mobilize to

address the crisis of 46,000 traffic deaths each year. Working with government leaders, community advocates, and private sector innovators,

we are stepping up to help communities declare that "Enough is Enough,recognizing these tragedies as preventable, and taking steps to prioritize safety for all road users.

Since we began in 2014, the Network has been:

  • Helping grow the number of U.S. cities committing to Vision Zero from just two to more than 45;
  • Connecting government staff and policymakers, community leaders, and the private sector with innovative approaches to reimagine and redesign our transportation systems to prioritize safety;
  • Defining a meaningful Vision Zero program in the U.S., emphasizing fundamental principles such as speed management, equity, and effective community engagement;
  • Developing practical resources for Vision Zero leaders - such as Guidelines for an Effective Vision Zero Action Plan, Moving from Vision To Action and 9 Components of a Strong Vision Zero Commitment;
  • Organizing regular calls, webinars, and in-person meetings amongst Vision Zero leaders around the country to offer peer exchange opportunities to share promising Vision Zero strategies, as well as for community advocates and members of Families for Safe Streets chapters;
  • Providing one-on-one technical assistance to the growing number of communities committing to Vision Zero;
  • Serving as a leading voice for Vision Zero at the national level, helping to shape the U.S. Department of Transportation's Road to Zero effort, a national commitment to eliminating traffic deaths by 2050.

How to Support the Vision Zero Network

You can support the important work of the Vision Zero Network. This is an opportunity to help advance life-saving work across the country, while also positioning your organization as a leader within the fast-growing Vision Zero movement.

We invite businesses and other organizations who value our work to become supporters of the Vision Zero Network. To find out more, please check out our booklet and contact Leah Shahum: leah [at]visionzeronetwork.org.

And we are grateful for individual support from those who want to help Vision Zero succeed. If you see value in our efforts, you can support the Vision Zero Network with a contribution online, via our fiscal sponsor and 501c3 nonprofit, Community Initiatives.

And, if you're not already following our work, please do by signing up for the Vision Zero Network's monthly e-newsletter and follow us on social media.

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