It’s Advocacy Week — Zero Traffic Deaths Nationally

Nov. 15-21: Contact Your Members of Congress

We need your help to win support for the first-ever national commitment to and plan for Vision Zero — zero traffic deaths or severe injuries among all road users.

In the lead-up to World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims on November. 21, 2021 and in light of the news that U.S. traffic deaths increased 18% in the first half of 2021 over the prior year, we need action now from our federal leaders. 

To turn the tide on this preventable traffic safety crisis, help us build support for and passage of a new Congressional Resolution to set the goal and lay out the directive to prioritize Zero Traffic Deaths by 2050  (Senate Res. 321, House Res. 565). We are focusing on adding co-sponsors this week!

Simple steps to help advance Vision Zero:

Check here to see if any of your federal representatives have co-sponsored the Resolution. You can check to see who your federal representatives are here.

➔ Contact your federal representatives by phone & via the form on their websites and let them know that you are a constituent and you encourage them to sign on as a co-sponsor to the Resolution (See helpful scripts for calls and emails here).

➔ Numbers matter. Ask a few friends, family members, colleagues to do the same. For instance, do you have friends and family who would help in another state/city where we still need to bring Reps. on board? Ask them to help and forward this information.

➔ Let us know about your outreach: Once you've taken action, please fill out this brief form to help track efforts across the nation.

➔ After you’ve made your requests for support, share a post on social media (templates here, see bottom section) politely letting people know and tag your Senators and Congress members and thank them for their consideration.

➔ If you haven’t heard back in 1 week, please call and message them again, reminding them of your request (reminders really do help).

➔ When your Reps. sign on in support, thank them on social media and with quick calls and messages (electeds like to be recognized!).

Let’s bring on more supporters by World Day of Remembrance on November 21st. Please take action this week!

UPDATE: As of our latest update on November 11, 2021, there were 51 official supporters of the Resolution — a good start. But, out of 535 members of Congress, shouldn’t there be more leaders (all leaders?!) who care about safety on our streets, sidewalks, and bikeways. Shouldn’t we be acting more urgently to address the #1 cause of death of youth in this nation? Are your federal reps. on board or not?

Get involved in 2021 World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims  on Nov 21, 2021-- lots of opportunities to help spread the word and participate here. Read more about how we advance Vision Zero -- it’s possible! We have the tools and knowledge. Now we need the political will to make change and prioritize safety.

photo credit: Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

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