Partnering with Together for Safer Roads

by Jenn Fox January 29, 2021 in News

Fleet safety is a direct way to engage businesses in Vision Zero. The success of an agency or business that has a fleet depends on safe operations. The Vision Zero Network is working with Together for Safer Roads (TSR) to promote fleet safety in Vision zero plans and support demonstration projects.

Vision Zero’s focus to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries entails all parts of the roadway system prioritizing safety. Municipal fleets of vehicles are an important part of this equation, whether they’re used to shovel snow, respond to fires and emergencies or allow city employees to drive on official business. And private fleets are becoming an increasing percentage of the cars and trucks on city streets. The partnership with TSR enables us to share information to help fleets be a part of Vision Zero.

We invite you to join one of our upcoming webinars:

And, these previously recorded webinars share more about work with fleets in cities big and small – from Madison, Wisconsin to New York City.

Together for Safer Roads provides this news clearinghouse about fleet safety, and produces reports such as Using Technology to Address Road Safety Challenges.

Additional resources are available on the Vision Zero Network website, including the Working with Fleets resource library and a case study that answers the question: How can cities increase the safety of large vehicles in urban areas?

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