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Help Bring on Co-Sponsors: Resolution for Zero Traffic Deaths

As we cheer the introduction of the first-ever Congressional Resolution calling for the national goal of Zero Traffic Deaths, we need your help to enlist supporters and ensure that this encouraging step translates to ACTION!

As of our latest update on December 8, 2021, there are 54 official supporters of the Resolution in Congress – out of 535 members of Congress – where are the rest? Why aren’t all of your representatives on board yet?

We’re working to bring on 40 more co-sponsors by December. And we need your help. Anyone who believes in Vision Zero can take part – see details below, followed by testimonials of how easy & effective this can be.

Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution

Here’s How You Can Help:

  1. Call or email your Senators & Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor the Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution. 
  • Check these lists to see who has signed on as co-sponsors already: 
  • Pull your representatives’ contact information here and here.
  • If your reps have already signed on to co-sponsor, please thank them!
  • If not, call or email your representatives’ offices and urge them to become a co-sponsor ASAP. Let them know you are a constituent in their district/or state. Share why this issue is important to you. And ask them to show their commitment to safety by officially signing on now by calling one of the sponsors: Senator Blumenthal or Representative Schakowsky.
  • Ask them for a brief (virtual) meeting with you & other constituents – more below in #2,
  • Once you’ve taken action, please help us track progress here.
  1. Set up a call with your Senators’ & Reps’ offices (virtual meeting). This has been an influential way to win support, and we need more volunteers to join calls. If you are interested in joining a small-group meeting with your electeds, let us know ASAP here and we’ll share details, including prep materials and support, and we’ll match you up with other volunteers. 

** This important action is easier than you may think & way more impactful – read some people’s experiences in recent meetings below.

  1. Post on social media with an urge to your Senators & Reps. asking them to sign on. 
  • Use social media to ask your reps to co-sponsor the #ZeroTrafficDeaths Resolution. Be sure to tag/name the elected in the post.
  • You can link to our announcement page for the Resolution background.

Read what other volunteers have to say about their experiences meeting with Congress members in the past few months:

“Having been on a few meetings and seen the powerful response from the representatives, I can honestly say I feel that we are making a difference by having them. I was amazed how easy it was to speak through the zoom meeting and the presentation was so simple yet effective. I also really felt supported by my advocate community at Families for Safe Streets and our partners. I felt I couldn’t mess it up with such amazing support.”

- Thomas Hyneman, Families for Safe Streets, Atlanta

“It is such an empowering experience to share my story with Representatives around the country, knowing that my voice is making a difference.“

- Triny Willerton, It Could Be Me

“Before scheduling our meeting with the congressman's office, I had not done much lobbying before. But the experience was really straightforward. The congressional staff was easy to work with and everyone else I invited to attend was eager to join. We practiced a little bit ahead of time so the meeting was super smooth. We followed up a few days later and learned that the Congressman had decided to support the Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution!”

- Warren J. Wells, Marin County Bicycle Coalition

“I helped organize a zoom meeting with a key aide to Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA). She was very interested and we learned a few days later that Rep. Huffman would co-sponsor the Resolution. Very exciting to know our small meeting was successful. It was also an occasion to work with a key staffer of our local bicycle coalition who joined the call and we’ll be working more together going forward. With good preparation, the whole process took only an hour or so. Time well spent!”

- Steve Bingham, Families for Safe Streets, SF Bay Area

Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution meeting with Rep. Garamendi
Recent Zero Traffic Deaths Resolution meeting with Rep. Garamendi



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