Centering Equity in Vision Zero

At its core, Vision Zero recognizes that all people have the right to move about their communities safely. All people. At its core, Vision Zero is about ensuring equity on our streets, sidewalks, and bikeways.

We share this case study and call on city and community leaders to center equity in their Vision Zero work. Work includes committing explicitly that Vision Zero efforts will not result in racial discrimination – and tracking this – and those Vision Zero efforts will use data and community input and experience to prioritize equitable investments of resources and action, recognizing that, as a society, we have underinvested in some communities, including low-income and communities of color.

In January we shared Elevating Equity in Vision Zero Communications which frames the communications-related opportunities and challenges for cities working to advance Vision Zero. We hope these resources will serve leaders working toward Vision Zero to place equity front and center in our words and actions.

Download a PDF of Equity Strategies for Practitioners here.

Vision Zero Equity Strategies

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