Consideration for Recognition as a Vision Zero Community

Thank you for your interest in being recognized as a Vision Zero community. The Vision Zero Network has developed a process for cities to share their work and to apply for recognition.

**Please note that submissions take 3 - 6 months to be reviewed and for a decision regarding recognition to be made.

**We ask that you read the information below and complete a questionnaire.

Per instructions in the questionnaire, once complete, please email to

About Vision Zero and the Vision Zero Network

The Vision Zero Network works to advance Vision Zero across the U.S. -- the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries among all road users. In addition to helping communities learn more about what Vision Zero is and how it differs from the traditional approach to traffic safety, we are also committed to helping communities move from vision to action in effective ways and to live up to the core principles of Vision Zero.

It is important to understand that Vision Zero is not a slogan, nor a tagline, not even just a program; instead, Vision Zero is a fundamental shift in how your community approaches the issue of safe mobility. Progress will take political commitment, community engagement, a data-driven focus, an emphasis on equity, and a willingness to think and act differently to prioritize safety for all.

Vision Zero Resources

Before getting started, we highly recommend reading materials to understand how and why Vision Zero is different from the traditional approach to traffic safety. Below are links to helpful materials.

About Recognition as a Vision Zero Community

The Vision Zero Network will recognize as “Vision Zero communities” those who are taking demonstrable and significant actions to advance the principles of Vision Zero to ensure safe mobility for all people. At a minimum, this includes the community meeting the following criteria:

  • Setting a clear goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries among all road users within an explicit timeframe (i.e. 10 years);
  • The Mayor (or top elected official) publicly, officially committing to Vision Zero within the set timeframe and directing appropriate city staff to prioritize the work;
  • A Vision Zero Action Plan or Strategy is in place, or the Mayor and key departments have committed to creating one in a specified time frame and which includes a focus on being data-driven, equitable, and including community input.
  • Key city departments, including Transportation, Public Health, Mayor’s Office, and Police, are actively engaged as leaders and partners in the process of developing the Vision Zero Plan, implementing it, and evaluating and sharing progress;
  • A Vision Zero Task Force (including the agencies listed above, as well as key community stakeholders, and others) meets regularly to lead and evaluate efforts.

How to Seek Recognition

In order to better assess a community’s level of commitment to and engagement in Vision Zero, the Vision Zero Network invites interested stakeholders to complete an online questionnaire. We’ll accept information from official city staff of one of the following engaged departments -- Mayor’s Office, Transportation/Public Works Dept., Public Health Dept., or Police Dept. -- but all four departments should already be committed to Vision Zero efforts.

The questionnaire is not intended to cover every aspect of your community’s Vision Zero initiative, but rather to provide an overview of the areas considered most fundamental by the Vision Zero Network, and to better inform us on the status of your efforts. It also provides important baseline data for us to help measure progress over time.

If we haven’t already spoken with you, the Vision Zero Network will contact you within two weeks of completing the questionnaire to discuss next steps. This may include setting up a call with staff from your leading city departments including Transportation, Police, Public Health, and Mayor’s Office. These calls are intended to help the Vision Zero Network team learn more about your community’s Vision Zero efforts and collaboration among the key stakeholders, as well as explore ways that the Network can support your efforts.

If your community is recognized, the Vision Zero Network will add your community to the Network’s online map. We will also invite you to participate in ongoing Network activities such as calls, webinars, conferences, a Vision Zero city listserv, and in-person meetings. Specifically, the Network will invite representatives from each of the four departments (Transportation, Public Health, Mayor’s Office, Police) to participate in these events to take advantage of peer exchange opportunities with leaders from other Vision Zero communities.

The Vision Zero Network’s goal is to recognize as “Vision Zero communities” those who are making genuine commitments to Vision Zero by taking demonstrable and significant actions to advance the principles of Vision Zero and to ensure safe mobility for all people.

If a community is interested in advancing their work to meet that level of engagement and commitment to be recognized, and wants support from the Vision Zero Network to do so before submitting this questionnaire, please reach out to us directly.

What to Submit

To review, the Vision Zero Network asks communities to submit both a completed questionnaire along with a data supplement referenced in question #28. If you have any questions about this process, contact

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