Vision Zero Core Elements

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New Resource to Focus on Results, Accountability for Safe Mobility

As momentum for Vision Zero grows in the U.S., we must ensure that passion and pledges result in action and change toward the goal of safe mobility for all people on our sidewalks, bikeways, and roads.

The Vision Zero Network is pleased to release a new resource, Core Elements for Vision Zero Communities, to help leaders focus their commitments and actions on the most significant and proven areas of change to advance safe mobility. Our aim is to help communities set meaningful priorities, work toward tangible results, benchmark progress toward safety, and to ensure accountability.

With more than 30 communities making a public commitment to zero traffic deaths and severe injuries in just the past 4-and-a-half years in the U.S., the Vision Zero movement is growing quickly. We need to work diligently to ensure that vision and commitment lead to influential actions and results for safety for all.

The Core Elements for Vision Zero Communities emphasize the following four focus areas: Leadership and Commitment;Equity and Engagement; Safe Roadways and Safe Speeds; and a Data-Driven Approach, Transparency, and Accountability.

Read the full 8-page document: Core Elements for Vision Zero Communities
And a summary document, developed in partnership with the Institute of Transportation Engineers, can be found here.
Watch our Core Elements webinar co-hosted with the Institute of Transportation Engineers.