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Vision Zero is more than a goal. It’s more than a tagline. It’s more than a new program. When done well, Vision Zero is a paradigm shift in how we think about and act for safe mobility for all people. In this 1-hour webinar recording, we cover the basics of Vision Zero 101, including: The […]
While it’s a major step forward to have a (first-ever!) national commitment to zero roadway fatalities, we know the path to zero will require serious work and willingness to change a stubborn status quo.  We brought together some of the leaders we admire most for an honest and energizing conversation about “What’s Next?” on the […]
On October 28, 2021, we explored steps Vision Zero cities are taking to question and re-envision the role of enforcement in traffic safety. We were joined by Marlon Marion, Equity and Inclusion Manager at the Portland Police Bureau; Clay Veka, of the Portland Bureau of Transportation; Juan Martinez, who works on transportation and infrastructure in […]
To some, a future with autonomous vehicles (AV) is a promising path to safe streets. To others, it’s a worrisome combination of new and ongoing safety problems. And for most, there are a lot of questions. That’s why we hosted the September 22 webinar – Exploring the Future of Autonomous Driving & Vision Zero. We […]
We were pleased that so many people joined us on September 29th, 2021 to re-think the role of enforcement in traffic safety work. Our goal at Vision Zero Network in facilitating this conversation and other related work is to better understand and help change the racist systems we are working within. We invite you to […]
National Study Shows Pedestrian Crashes are Predictable & Preventable If we knew a certain model of airplane failed catastrophically and consistently, killing everyone on board – say, an average of 100-to-115 people dead every day, year after year – would we ignore the problem and chalk it up to an unfortunate risk of flying? If […]
by Nora Hanak Along with troubling racial disparities evident in law enforcement, including traffic stops, many are increasingly recognizing the economic inequities that are often a collateral consequence of traditional traffic safety efforts. It’s clear that the criminal justice system and related financial penalties associated with traffic citations disproportionately harm people of color and people […]
For much of the nation, 2020 was an awful year in terms of increased traffic fatalities (and so many other areas). Interestingly, Denver, Colorado saw a decrease in traffic deaths from 71 in 2019 to 57 in 2020 -- note that Denver’s Vision Zero leaders will be quick to acknowledge this is no cause for […]
Professional drivers can be powerful forces in achieving Vision Zero. Vision Zero requires the commitment of all parts of society and achieving it -- eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries -- depends on full participation. The Vision Zero Network and Together for Safer Roads (TSR) convened a conversation with city and business leaders about ways […]
In our recent webinar, we learned of some of the key challenges and opportunities that traffic safety practitioners face in making the most of data and analytics to advance Vision Zero goals.  In the March 2021 event -- Leveraging Data Fusion and Visual Analytics for Road Safety -- we were joined by Bruce Aquila, of […]
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