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One of the barriers to changing hearts and minds – and, ultimately, street designs and policies – around safe mobility stems from the ways we traditionally conceptualize and communicate about the topic. The good news is that we can overcome those barriers. To find out tips on how, we featured a savvy communicator in our May 5, 2020 webinar, Words Matter: Effective Vision Zero Messaging.
In this informative one-hour webinar, learn about the principles of Safe Systems, which underlies Vision Zero. Hear from Jessica Truong, of the international Towards Zero Foundation based in London, and formerly with the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria, Australia. Whatever stage your community is at, it’s important to understand that Vision Zero is not a […]
We convened U.S. road safety leaders to discuss their key takeaways after attending the recent Global Road Safety Conference in early February in Stockholm, Sweden.
The Vision Zero Network was honored to host a webinar on March 5, 2020 featuring the promising Vision Zero efforts of West Palm Beach, Florida a community of about 120,000 residents, just north of Miami. Watch the one-hour webinar here. West Palm Beach City Traffic Engineer, Uyen Dang, oversees all elements of the city’s transportation […]
One thing is clear: To make meaningful advances toward Vision Zero and safe mobility for all, we must manage speed for safety. We know a lot already about what works, and we're learning more as Vision Zero commitment grows worldwide. Now, it's a matter of political will, community advocacy, and using the strategies that work […]
Big cities aren’t the only entities embracing Vision Zero as a game-changing way to prioritize safe mobility for all. While many of the first communities in the U.S. were, indeed, larger cities, we are also seeing a growing number of smaller and suburban communities who are shifting toward the Safe Systems approach of Vision Zero. […]
One of the most promising areas of the burgeoning Vision Zero movement is the power of smarter data analysis to help build greater awareness of and urgency for making our streets safe for all, as well as to focus resources most efficiently and effectively for that change. This smart usage of data – combined with […]
While the Vision Zero Network is focused on advancing efforts in the U.S., we are always excited to look abroad for inspiration and guidance. In our webinar, Vision Zero in London: Reducing Road Danger By Encouraging Active, Sustainable Modes, our colleagues from Transport for London (TfL), which runs the day-to-day operation of London’s public transport […]
Vision Zero’s focus to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries entails all parts of the roadway system prioritizing safety. Municipal fleets of vehicles are an important part of this equation, whether they’re used to shovel snow, respond to fires and emergencies or allow city employees to drive on official business. Measuring the operation of these […]
Access to comprehensive and accurate data is critical to Vision Zero success. Addressing the public health crisis of nearly 40,000 preventable traffic fatalities annually in this country requires a comprehensive understanding of the who, what, where, when and why of this tragic toll. While data collected from police reports helps answer some questions, it doesn’t […]
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