December 7, 2017 • BY Kathleen Ferrier • IN News, Safety Over Speed, U.S. Vision Zero Cities

When it comes to advancing Vision Zero -- the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries -- speed matters most. And as Vision Zero momentum grows across the nation, more cities have been stepping up lead on this critical safety issue of managing speed for safety. Boston, Seattle, Portland, and New York City have …

When Lowering Speed Matters Most – Successful Strategies from NYC and Chicago Read More »

April 14, 2016 • BY Vision Zero Network • IN Case Studies, News

If 30,000 people were killed each year in the United States by a curable illness, we would call it a public health crisis. We would deploy resources, vaccines and interventions to address the spread and bring the death toll to the only acceptable level: zero. Yet, every year 30,000+ people are killed in preventable traffic collisions in this country. Vision Zero asks us to see those traffic deaths like polio or cholera: epidemics that, with an urgent health framing and public response, can be eradicated. In this case study we explore how San Francisco, New York City and Chicago are using the tools of public health — including epidemiology, research and a focus on the root causes of health inequities — to advance their Vision Zero efforts.
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