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Performance Metrics: Transparency, Accountability & Evaluation

September 7, 2023 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm | Eastern Time

Join us on September 7th for a webinar focused on equipping participants with essential strategies to monitor and evaluate the impact of their roadway safety projects within the context of Vision Zero Action Planning. This webinar will also emphasize the critical role of performance metrics in fostering accountability and momentum towards reaching Vision Zero Action Plan goals.

As Vision Zero gains traction and more communities commit to reducing serious injuries and fatalities on roads, it becomes vital to incorporate explicit transparency and accountability measures into the Action Planning process. By tracking and sharing progress towards Vision Zero, we not only reinforce our momentum towards the goals but also ensure alignment with the priorities outlined in the Action Plan, fostering trust within the community.

At this webinar, we will hear from Vision Zero practitioners in Denver, CO and Louisville, KY and the strategies they’re using to evaluate their safety projects, maintain transparency surrounding challenges in implementation, and share their progress.

As the seventh and final installment of our Fundamental of Vision Zero Action Planning series, this webinar is designed to empower communities looking to develop new Vision Zero Action Plans, enhance their existing plans, and is particularly helpful for communities who are either applying for or who have received funding from the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) program.

About the webinar series: This "Fundamentals of Vision Zero Action Planning" webinar series is particularly relevant for communities interested in adopting a Safe System approach and striving to achieve the goal of Vision Zero. It will also be valuable for those looking to revisit their existing Action Plans and prioritize a Safe System Approach. Whether you're one of the 450+ US communities awarded a Safe Streets and Roads for All planning grant from the US Department of Transportation, considering future planning efforts, or updating your existing plan, this webinar is for you. Check out the previous installments of this series on our new Fundamentals of Vision Zero Action Planning resource webpage.

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