Upcoming Event
Prioritization: Data, High-Injury Networks, Equity Emphasis in Vision Zero Action Planning

May 9, 2023 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm | Eastern Time

Join our upcoming webinar to gain a deeper understanding of how to build upon your High Injury Network (HIN) to identify priority areas related to equity and vulnerable road users for your Vision Zero Action Plan.

This webinar will evaluate the limitations of relying solely on crash data, explore how additional layers of data can paint a fuller picture, uplift strategies for incorporating equity and human experience into your project prioritization process, and highlight the role of data in measuring progress and accountability towards Vision Zero goals.

We’ll be joined by Vision Zero practitioners in Tampa, FL; Oakland, CA; and the Burlington-Graham, NC Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to discuss how they prioritize their Vision Zero efforts.

About the webinar series: This "Fundamentals of Vision Zero Action Planning" webinar series is particularly relevant for communities interested in adopting a Safe System approach and striving to achieve the goal of Vision Zero. It will also be valuable for those looking to revisit their existing Action Plans and prioritize a Safe System Approach. Whether you're one of the 450+ US communities awarded a Safe Streets and Roads for All planning grant from the US Department of Transportation, considering future planning efforts, or updating your existing plan, this webinar is for you. Check out the first, second, and third (coming soon) webinars in this series on our new Fundamentals of Vision Zero Action Planning resource webpage

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