Vision Zero 101: Learning the Basics

by Leah Shahum April 5, 2022 in News, Webinars

Vision Zero is more than a goal. It’s more than a tagline. It’s more than a new program. When done well, Vision Zero is a paradigm shift in how we think about and act for safe mobility for all people. In this 1-hour webinar recording, we cover the basics of Vision Zero 101, including:

  • The challenge before us
  • What is Vision Zero?
  • What is the Safe System approach & how does it differ from the traditional approach?
  • Examples around the U.S.
  • Growing national commitment (encouraging new developments!)
  • Key takeaways

And check out other, related resources: Where to Start on the Road to Vision Zero, which includes more examples of promising strategies and links to more detailed information about best practices; the list of Vision Zero 101 resources that can help you learn more about Vision Zero and the webinar Vision Zero 201: How to shift to the Safe System approach.

We hope you’ll find these resources valuable in your safety work. And please share them with others to help grow understanding of and action towards Vision Zero.

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