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World Day of Remembrance: Bringing Urgency to Vision Zero Efforts

As the U.S. grapples with an epidemic of traffic deaths, the relevance of the annual World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDoR) on November 19, 2023 is even more evident. The statistics from 2022 painted a grim picture, with more than 46,000 people killed in preventable traffic crashes, underlining the need to change the status quo in how we prioritize road safety. 

In addition to being an important opportunity to remember those injured and killed, and to support those grieving and suffering, World Day of Remembrance is also an important time to ACT for change. There is still time for your community to heighten your calls for safe streets as part of this year’s World Day of Remembrance. People from across the U.S. are finding ways to draw attention to the preventable roadway safety crisis, leveraging the World Day of Remembrance to call on local, state and federal leaders to take specific steps to advance Vision Zero.

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We are heartened to see so many people willing to step up and share their stories and experiences in order to push for safe streets for everyone. In our most recent organizing meeting, we heard from Laura, who lost her husband in a traffic crash two years ago and is now helping to organize San Diego’s second WDoR event; and Ed, a devoted cyclist advocating for lower speed limits in Albany; and Sean pushing to expand Safe Routes to School in Fresno; and Allison, who is organizing to bring restorative justice programs in Durham; and Steve, who represents a public agency that wants to help City and community leaders recommit to Vision Zero, and many others sharing the common goal of making safe mobility a reality in every community. Will you join us?

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Fortunately, there is significant new Vision Zero/roadway safety funding available for communities like yours – learn more about the Safe Streets & Roads for All program. Has your community applied for safety funding? If not, perhaps this is a call to action to make on WDoR this year.

An unprecedented number of U.S. public agencies are organizing and participating in activities for this year’s WDoR, including mayors’ and city council members’ offices, and transportation, public works, public health agencies and others. Are your key local leaders and public agencies on board yet? Read and share our recommendations for public agencies involved in WDoR.

Recommendations for Public Agencies involved in WDoR

Congrats to the WDoR organizers who were awarded with mini-grants generously offered by It Could Be Me and Families for Safe Streets. The 11 recipients include communities in Nevada, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida and elsewhere. They will each receive up to $500 to help support event costs, such as banners, posters, and event supplies including candles and flowers. If you’re planning an event, check out our online resources on the new national WDoR website. These include an extensive Toolkit for Organizers, including media tips and templates for sending press releases, graphics to promote your event (including places to add your own logo and event information), and event organizing tips. Plus, all organizers are invited to join our monthly calls and opportunities for 1-1 planning support. 

Look at the Resources Available for WDoR Organizers

We invite you to join thousands of people uniting across the country – and far more worldwide – to call for an end to traffic violence and to lift up proven safety solutions. Please join us to Remember, Support and ACT on November 19th – and every day going forward until we achieve Vision Zero.

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