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World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims: November 19, 2023

Planning Starts Now: Safe Streets For People

Mark your calendars for November 19, 2023 — World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDoR). In addition to being a day to honor those killed and injured in roadway crashes, this is also an important day of action for Vision Zero.

WDoR unites millions of people around the world who have been affected by traffic violence. This is a chance — as advocates, survivors, friends and family who have lost loved ones, and all people working to make our streets safe — to join forces, amplify our work and to elevate our advocacy for safe mobility for all.

World Day of Remembrance Portland, OR
More than 60 communities joined World Day of Remembrance in 2022 – read our recap of the events here. Photo by Taylor Griggs for BikePortland.

Whether you are brand new to these issues or you are part of a nonprofit or public sector group already working on roadway safety, this can be your chance to connect with others, be inspired and make your voice stronger. Learn more about last year’s event, where thousands of people came together across the U.S. to amplify their local efforts.

Our message for this year’s WDoR is even more urgent, as people in the U.S. are experiencing worsening roadway safety conditions: an estimated 42,915 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes nationwide, reflecting a 10.5% increase compared to the 38,824 fatalities reported in 2020. For people walking, the situation is even more dire, with a 13% increase.

We hope you’ll be part of this year’s WDoR to make change. Here’s what to expect:

What to Know Now

1. Early Organizing: Planning for this year's WDoR has begun, and the first monthly organizing call is August 9th (sign up here even if you’re in the early stages or just considering an event). This kick-off session will bring together both newcomers and seasoned WDoR organizers to strategize and tap into helpful resources.

2. New Website: www.WDoR-USA.org will serve as a comprehensive resource hub for WDoR organizers and supporters. It will offer an extensive Toolkit with event planning recommendations and advocacy strategies, media outreach support, graphic resources, and an event map to foster community unity and amplify your message on the roadway safety crisis.

3. Mini-grants: To encourage and support WDoR event organizers, mini-grants will be available. These grants will provide a boost to those in need of additional resources to make their events impactful. Details on how to apply will be announced during the organizer's call on August 9th (sign up here).

4. Our Theme — "Safe Streets for People" — emphasizes the importance of people-first policies, including Vision Zero and Complete Streets. We encourage advocates to strive to convince decision-makers at all levels to invest in road safety measures, such as lowering speed limits, redesigning roadways, promoting alternatives to car use, incentivizing safer vehicle designs, and allocating more funds for safety rather than speed. #SafeStreetsForPeople #WDoR2023

How to Get involved

Little girl placing flowers at WDoR memorial in Boston, MA - World Day of Remembrance 2019. Photo credit: Rev. Laura Everett

1. Organize a WDoR event in your community. Wondering how? Sign up for WDoR organizers’ meetings to learn from peers around the U.S. and get started.

2. Stay tuned for website updates: a Toolkit for event organizers including event planning how-to's, promotion guidelines, templates, and samples, social media graphics, and other resources will be released soon.

3. Spread the Word: share the importance of WDoR on social media using these hashtags: #SafeStreetsForPeople #WDoR2023 and let the world know why this day matters to you.

We encourage you to start thinking now about WDoR and find ways to use this day as an opportunity to boost your campaign — whether big or small — for safe mobility for all.

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