January 5, 2020 BY Leah Shahumin News

What Matters in 2020?

Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Vision Zero

Heading into 2020, we thought about ways that each one of us can make a real difference in advancing Vision Zero — the only ethical goal for how people move about in our communities. We’ve compiled a quick list of our top recommendations for resolutions in the new year, ranging from small to big steps -- all critical to transforming the way we think, talk, and act toward safe mobility for all!

10) Choose “crash” not “accident” and remind your colleagues, friends and families why words matter. More here.

9) Remember that small actions can have big impacts & take action! Be inspired by Martha’s experience of “The Power of a Polite Note” to influence change in your community.

8) Understand how Vision Zero differs. It’s not just a slogan or a tagline or a new program. The Vision Zero approach differs fundamentally from the traditional approach. Here’s how. Help us shout it from the mountain tops in 2020.

7) Stay up-to-date with Vision Zero news by following us on Twitter & Facebook. And encourage your colleagues and friends to join us on this monthly e-newsletter here.

6) Prioritize equitable process & outcomes in your Vision Zero work. What does that mean? Why does it matter? Find out more here.

5) Learn how Safe Systems underpin REAL Vision Zero… then spread the word. This is a biggee, folks. Vision Zero is fundamentally different because it’s built on the Safe Systems approach. Find out more here and much more here from our friends at the World Resource Institute.

4) Support advocacy in your community. Strong, local advocacy makes all the difference in holding leaders accountable for Vision Zero commitments, and that doesn’t happen without financial support. Make a contribution today to your local group working on Vision Zero (often a pedestrian and/or bicycling advocacy group).

3) Measure Vision Zero Actions. Take inspiration from local advocates in Boston, Cambridge and Denver to find out how strong accountability makes a difference. And support their work (see above!).

2) Go deep on managing speed. To advance Vision Zero, we must change course in how our society, system designers and the general public understand that It’s the Speed that Kills, literally. Find out lots more on the “Safety Over Speed” section of our Resources page.

1) Don’t back down on ZERO. We’ve all heard skepticism of the goal of zero traffic deaths and severe injuries. And we’ve learned from other movements worldwide that setting the ethical goal of safety for ALL -- not just doing “a little better over time” -- makes a difference in what actions we take. Vision Zero is not just a lofty goal; it is shifting the way we work and prioritize safety for all.

Let’s stay strong in 2020 and accelerate our work to change the status quo because everyone deserves to be safe as they move about their communities.

Happy 2020 from the Vision Zero Network!

If you appreciate the work of the nonprofit Vision Zero Network, please support us with a contribution. Did we mention it’s tax-deductible? Help us shift the paradigm today!


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